Myfi NZ

Who is Myfi NZ?

Myfi NZ is a well-established firm who has helped countless customers far and wide. We’re not a lender, but we exist to help you obtain cash when you need it most. Think of us as a middleman between you and the lender. We facilitate and manage cash advances through our partnered lender, At Your Liberty NZ, and have it paid into your bank account on the same day.

How can I apply?

3 Simple Steps – The Myfi NZ Way

1. Fill out our Online Application Form

2. Receive approval within minutes

3. Once Approved, Cash Directly to Your Account!

Who much can I loan?

Myfi NZ offers payday advances up to $1000. We create a credit limit depending on your circumstances and income, which is calculated based on your current financial situation and as an existing client, your ability to repay. Generally, we find our clients credit limit can increase up to 4 times. Remember, we are always here to help and will review and consider all applications made.

Loan Information

How do I qualify for a loan?

To qualify for a payday loan with Myfi NZ we require a bank statement, you must be over 18 years of age, a permanent New Zealand resident, and most importantly, demonstrate a regular income and that you are able to afford to repay the loan and loan costs. Myfi NZ is a responsible lender and may ask you for personal identification to ensure that you qualify. This may include a passport number, drivers licence, proof of age card, birth certificate, etc.

Note: Bank accounts must be in your name and cannot be for online savings accounts or online-only accounts.

I am self-employed. Am I eligible to apply?

Any type of employment WITHOUT documented proof of income cannot be processed.

What are the loan terms?

Unlike other lenders, we don’t have a maximum term as we try to tailor a loan to suit your circumstances. In general, our loans will have a term between 4-8 weeks. Always remember that Myfi NZ is designed as a short-term solution. You should only ever borrow as little as you need and look to pay it back as quickly as you can.

I applied online and I received a text message that you cannot process my application.

Clients will receive such text message if the loan application is declined. You may contact us for more clarifications.

I was rejected and the reason was not explained to me.

The possible reasons are: Income requirement not met, Cancelled Card, Industry not supported, Court Case, Incomplete documents, Company is blacklisted, No Character References, and clients were not contactable. You may contact us for more clarifications.

I was rejected on my previous application, when can I apply again?

You can apply after 3 months from the start you were rejected.

Receiving Money

How do I receive the money?

If you are approved, the funds will be transferred to your account using our direct transfer facility on the same day giving you access to funds within hours. All applications received after 8:00pm (NZST) will receive funds the next morning. This may be quicker or slower depending on your financial institution.

Making Repayments

How do I repay the loan?

Myfi NZ prefers to take all payments via direct debit or electronic funds transfer (EFT). Due to company policy, direct debits cannot be turned off or stopped permanently.

What if my repayment due date falls on a holiday?

If your due date falls on a non-working holiday, you have to make your repayment immediately in preceeding working day.


Is there any security/ collateral required for this loan?

Not at all. These are unsecured cash advances.

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